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Feel the Felt Electrics

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The Felt Bicycle team will bring 8 Felt Electric bikes to PHEW! Come to touch, feel and ride these sleek bikes with silent mid-drive Bosch motor. Bring a friend and make a day of it! When? Tuesday June 9th 11-3 … Continue reading

We are now a Felt E-Bike dealer!

We are so excited about the new Felt e-bikes!  What is so exciting about these e-bikes?  There are so many features to love that we had to make a list.

1. The motor system is at the bottom of the frame, not on the back wheel. So it it is better for your center of gravity, because it’s lower, and in the center of the bike.

the dude rides a bike

2. One of the 2015 Felt models is named after the cult classic film The Big Lebowski.  Because, it’s, well, large, and awesome, and has a cup holder for your White Russian, obviously. The Lebowsk-e is for mountain biking, complete with big puffy tires. This bike was voted Best in Show by Outsider Magazine at the 2014 Interbike Convention in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Here is a video of the Big Lebowsk-e in action.  Be ready for a thrilling minute!

3. The motor is made by Bosch. Yes, the dishwasher people. So can you imagine it’s quietly amazing? Of course you can.

4. Felt has been selling e-bikes in Europe for the past three years, and now they are entering the U.S. market with a several models for different lifestyle needs. There’s the Verza-e, the QX-e, the Nine-e, and the new Sport-e. The Verza-e is a commuter model which comes in four sizes. The QX-e is an “urban use” model and comes in a traditional frame or a step-through frame. The Nine-e is a mountain bike, “a genuine 29” hardtail,” according to Felt’s website. The Sport-e also comes in traditional or step-through frame, and is great for running around town.

You can read more about Felt’s new e-bikes on their website.  Better yet, come on in for a test ride!

Why Should One Buy an Electric Bicycle from Philly Electric Wheels?

You’ve come to the decision to buy an electric bicycle. Through rigorous research or perhaps a flash of insight, you have decided that an ebike will meet your needs and desires. Great! But what now? How will you make the purchase? How will you purchase your ebike such that you are happy, confident, and satisfied? Well, you can get anything on the internet: one can purchase a whole bike, a conversion kit, or parts directly from China via the internet, one can purchase from a reseller such as Amazon, or one can purchase from companies based in the Fifty States who have an internet storefront. However, internet shopping does not jive well with confidence or satisfaction. One could also purchase an electric bicycle from the odd powersports store or local bike shop that is experimenting with electric bikes. And electric bicycles are available through some department stores as well.

Is that it? Is your only choice buy without a test ride? To buy without any comparison? To buy from someone who doesn’t know what they are selling? Or to buy online…? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a friendly local electric bike shop where you could walk in, meet the owners and employees, test ride the largest selection of ebikes in the tri-state area, and ride away happy with your purchase, confident that you will have all the support you need?

At Philly Electric Wheels, we believe an electric bike purchase should be similar to the purchase of a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle. We believe the customer has a right to touch and feel what they are purchasing, to test ride the vehicle that you are spending hundreds or thousands of hard-earned dollars on. We believe in support, that the customer has a right to meticulous assembly, qualified service, and long term support. We at PHEW! believe in personal relationships, in trust, and in access to professionals who care about you and care about electric bicycles. Try getting that over the internet.

This may sound idealistic, because we are a company of idealists. If this sounds like a sales pitch, that’s because it is, we are trying to get your business. Philly Electric Wheels is trying to sell you an electric bicycle. For so many reasons, we believe electric bicycles are a long-awaited solution to complex problems. In terms of transportation, ebikes have a lower environmental impact (carbon footprint, if you will) and are more energy efficient than any other option- including normal bicycles. Electric bicycles have some of the lowest operating costs over their lifespan of any powered vehicle. Electric bicycles inspire in riders the confidence they need to deal with traffic on crowded streets. Ebikes are darn good fun. The health benefits of regular exercise like cycling are well researched and adding electric assist negates none of them. The psychological benefits of cycling are less researched, however studies are available, and anecdotal evidence of riding versus driving is available. Its about being in the environment rather than being cut off from the environment inside a metal box. These points are arguable and we would love to talk to you about them! Come on down!

Yet another reason to shop our brick and mortar store, our well informed and affable staff would love to talk to you about bicycles, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, and your needs concerning them. In addition to our administrative and part time staff, Philly Electric Wheels employs a full-time electric bicycle mechanic, something no other shop in the area and few shops in the country can claim. And all of our staff is committed to and enthusiastic about electric bicycles and bicycling. We are simply the best trained and most qualified place to purchase an electric bike and the only place to service and support them. We have the largest selection of electric bicycles in PA, NJ, and DE. We have in stock, parts, supplies, accessories, conversion kits, and batteries for all of our models. We have relationships with a diverse set of suppliers which enable us to get whatever you need as quickly and economically as possible. We have ebikes to rent and ebikes to loan you whilst yours is in our shop. We also have a mobile service unit we can use to bring our shop to you, and a bicycle trailer to pickup your stranded machine should an accident occur. PHEW has dedicated service bays for your electric bicycle and is prepared with all the necessary tools for diagnosing and servicing electronic and electromechanical components.

Lest it go unsaid, PHEW is also a stellar bike shop! We pride ourselves on approachability, customer satisfaction, and service. From airing up your tires to custom builds, we at PHEW can meet all of your bike shop needs. We realize that great electric bikes should first and foremost be great bikes and we are committed to selling great bikes. Our staff is experienced and well trained to deal with any and all sorts of bicycles. Our premier mechanic has over 30 years of personal professional experience working on and with bikes in the greater Philadelphia area. We also specialize in folding bikes, cargo bikes, bike trailers, and make and sell exclusive bike panniers.

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an electric bicycle, Philly Electric Wheels is the best place to buy it. We believe that we can serve your needs better than any other physical location or internet storefront. We are committed to our customers and committed to supporting the products we sell. We have bikes in stock and parts in stock- the largest selection of either. We love ebikes and we love happy customers. And we love happy customers on ebikes! PHEW!

Come visit us at Philly Electric Wheels, 7153 Sprague Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Come and test ride Stromer ST1 Elite at our store

What is new with Stromer ST1 (2013 model)

Since early last September there have been rumors about the 2013 Stromer ST1 electric bike. Searching magazines, the internet and our contacts for more about this bike, all we could tell when inquired about this bike was based on our one test ride of a pre-production ST1 at InterBike in Las Vegas. This week, our BMC rep Liam O’Brien brought a demo production unit to our shop, and we’ve more to share.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We believe the ST1 to be a robust product; compared to the 2012 model, the new ST1 has a better pedal-to-motor response. The new frame geometry feels more comfortable; the front carbon fork makes the bike feel more like a regular bike and offers better steering. The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are a big improvement over the Maxxis 26×1.75. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The throttle has been removed completely, makin the instrumentation? CONSOLE much simpler. The LCD digital console has been moved to the right hand side; we can certainly move it if preferred by left-handed folk.

The 11.5Ah battery has 10% more power than the 2012 model’s 10Ah, offering a longer range. A 14Ah battery for a longer range would run $799. Branding on the frame is more elegant.

Stromer ST1 Elite in black or white are in the warehouse. Next shipment will only have Platinum bikes in black, red and white, which are designed to go up to 30mph.  ST1’s are selling like hot cakes.
The Buyers Guide in the April issue of Bicycling magazine wraps up their review with: “Buy it if you’re looking to speed up your commute – and have fun along the way”. Check out their review, then go to your nearest Stromer dealer and ask for a test ride on this irresistible electric bike.

So to all those people who have called us about the ST1, we’ve got the model comparison in a table. We’re again stressing that nothing is quite like riding this bike yourself.


Stromer ST1 Elite under the rain


Simpler lettering on the frame make the bike very attractive


Still raining but we took the bike for test ride, it handles the wet road very well


Drops of rain on the handle bar

Stromer ST1 “Buy it if: you’re looking to speed up your commute – and have fun along the way” says Bicycling- Buyers Guide 2013

You can read about Stromer ST1 in Buyer’s Guide 2013 issue of Bicycle magazine, where  Brad Ford test rides the Stromer ST 1 Platinum. Also, if you go to the last page of this issue you will see Philly Electric Wheels mentioned as a full service electric bike shop dedicated to electric bicycles.

You can subscribe to Bicycling Magazine  or you can stop by our store to see, touch, feel and test ride the Stromer in our showroom.

Stromer ST1

Philly Electric Wheels
7153 Sprague Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119

215 821 9266

BH Easy Motion electric bikes

I’ve been following BH E-Motion’s e-bikes for several years.  In the US, BH E-Motion is well known for their fitness equipment.  In Europe they’re also known for their e-bikes, which have 4 types of technology.

  • NEO RDS (Rear Drive System) Technology
  • BOSCH IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) Technology
  • PANASONIC IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) Technology
  • EASY MOTION FDS (Front Drive System) Technology

This past September, while at InterBike (the national bicycle convention), I had the opportunity to test ride all of these systems.

The revolutionary Neo RDS technology uses a 350W motor (1 on the diagram). This was a nice powerful motor in the rear of the bike with the torque sensor (2) located in the rear drop out of the frame. This registers the force exerted by the rider and sends a signal to the controller (4). This action is fast.

9 days left to test EVELO Aurora at Philly Electric Wheels

An EVELO electric bike arrived at our store on Tuesday, looking like our FedEx team had been test dropping the box!  Though the battery casing was cracked open, we were impressed with how easy it was to assemble the bike.   Taking the opportunity of the cracked case, we ended up taking it apart and examining the inside.  More on that discovery in a bit.

The bike PHEW! received was the EVELO Aurora with a NuVinci N360 hub.  Our initial around-the-block test ride was positive; the pickup impressive.

Later today, I’ll be taking this bike for a longer ride along the hills of Mt Airy.  Look for a report on Friday.

Back to our discovery on the EVELO battery… Opening the battery case for the EVELO Aurora was an easy task since it was nicely secured with 5 screws.  If you already own an EVELO, we do not recommend opening the battery case yourself as it would void your warranty! Inside, we found lithium batteries weighing just 8 pounds. The battery cells looked unharmed.  We were impressed with the packaging of the battery cells.

Rechargeable batteries power all electric bikes, and eventually need replacing, just like the batteries in cell phones.  Often, it’s hard to find replacement batteries.  With the modular packaging of the EVELO batteries, when the time comes, we should have many options for replacement cells. EVELO currently provides an 18 month warranty on their battery packs.

20% off select BionX conversion kits

We feel the BionX kits offer the best electric bike experience.   To show you, we’ve converted five different bikes in various frame sizes & styles with BionX kits.  

Stop by for a 2 mile guided ride with Afshin to judge for yourself.  Afterward, some people choose to rent one of these converted bikes for the weekend, to try around their own neighborhood or on a commute.

Here’s what one person wrote after testing a number of electric bikes.

“The most important thing is that I want to feel like I’m riding a bike. Those first 3 bikes, even while in lowest assist mode, felt like glorified motorcycles. I couldn’t even find a way to get a workout without the bike forcing me to go way too fast. (The Pedego was the worst; it takes off when you are standing next to the bike if the pedal happens to turn.) Finally I rode a BionX and it was completely different and just what I was looking for! I was actually riding the bike myself (what a concept!), and it just helped me get up hills.” Read in entirety here.

This fall, PHEW! has select BionX kits for 20% off our everyday price.

BionX PL 250 DT M   |   $1,199 on sale for $956
BionX PL 350 DT L   |   $1,699 on sale for $1,359
BionX PL 350 RR L   |   $1,799 on sale for $1439

To top it off, we extend the 20% discount to any product or service we offer when you purchase a BionX kit.  We offer same day conversion service.  For this, we recommend you call us before arriving with your bike!

Stromer digital console demystified

In today’s shipment, we received the first of Stromer’s digital console. With no English-language manual, we’ve documented the basics here.

Setting the Time
  • press  button to power on the console
  • press both & buttons together
  • at CODE prompt, set CODE from 0000 to 0001 using button to cycle thru the digits, and buttons to change selected digit
  • press button and hold until CODE is replaced with TIME
  • now use to set to correct time
  • to save settings, press and hold button for 3 seconds
Switching between PAS (Pedal-Assist) and POD (Power-On-Demand)
  • press and hold button
Cycling between levels of assist
  • press button to power on the console
  • MODE will show you assist type last selected
  • press buttons to cycle through various assist types
Night time viewing of console
  • press and hold  button to turn on back-light or off

If you’ve discovered additional features, please add them as a comment to this post!

Ridekick – a trailer to push your bike along the steep bits

Want an electric-assist bike for the hills you struggle with? But find it hard to part with your current bike?

In minutes, attach the Ridekick trailer to your bike’s rear hub and you’ve got yourself an e-bike with throttle assist.  It’s even got cargo space for 2 tote bags, making it perfect for trips to the grocery store, library, potlucks, even a toolbox for neighborhood repair services – you name it!  The cargo area could conceivably also hold additional batteries to extend the range.

Unhitch the Ridekick trailer and in seconds you’ve got your bike back. The trailer can be used on multiple bikes – making it versatile for households where differently sized adults may need the electric assist on different days.

When riding, the Ridekick doesn’t change the feel of your bike. I felt equally light & nimble on my Globe Daily 2, barely feeling the trailer behind me, until a push on the handlebar throttle engaged the motor – and pushed me along till the terrain leveled out enough to pedal on my own.

Most electric bike conversions involve securing a motor, battery, controller and handlebar controls someplace on an existing bike frame.  Ridekick presents a unique approach in that the first 3 components are inside the trailer, with an easily installed Velcro’d cable from the trailer to the handlebar control.

With the Ridekick, bike maintenance is also simplified since you can unhitch the trailer and take the bike to any bike shop.


•    weight 43 lbs
•    max capacity 75 lbs
•    motor 500 watts
•    max speed 19 mph
•    battery 24v 12ah SLA
•    recharge time 6 hours
•    range on single charge 12-15 miles
•    tires 12-1/2 x 3″
•    tire pressure 20-30psi