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Folding Bikes R Us

Think folding bikes just have 20″ wheels? Think again! From the compact 16″ wheeled Brompton’s to the beefy Montague Paratrooper Highline or Tern Joe P27, each sporting 27.5″ wheels, we’ve got ’em all. We’ve even got folding trikes.

Each one folds differently, and is designed for a different use.

Who uses a folding bike? A sampling from just one day… a young mom walking in for a car rack so she could take her 9 year old on the trails. With 2 folding bikes that anyone in the family can hop onto, she didn’t need that car rack.

A commuter who gets on the train, yet has 3 miles to get to work.

A larger man who likes to ride hard on the trails. Or the stylish bride to ride around town. Or the retiree wanting to ride along Pennypack Park with her husband, and, unsure of her balance, who will consider the folding trike.

We love the diversity of customers that walk through our doors, seeking a diversity of folding bikes for their specific needs.

Montague Crosstown mini-review

I just rode the Montague Crosstown for the first time, and found it to be a very nice bike. It’s easy to ride, and it changes gears easily.


If my aunt hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known that you can fold this bike and put it in the trunk of a car! I would definitely buy this bike if I actually had money.

meet our newest addition, the Brompton

Although we plunged into the world of independent bike shops via electric bikes, we’ve slowly been building up our lineup of folding bikes.

Beginning with Dahon Bikes, we brought in the Xootr Swift, all with 20” wheels.

For the taller, larger and more aggressive riders, we carry the Montague bike line, with 26” and 700c wheels.

Our best-sellers remain Tern Bicycles, offered in  20”, 24” and 26” wheels.

For a slightly different feel, you can sample the Fuji Origami & Allen Central, both with 20” wheels.

Many people have come asking about a smaller folding bike, one with 16” wheels with a very compact fold; one designed and hand-made in the UK; one called the Brompton. We’re proud to announce that we now sell & service Brompton bikes as well.


Brompton bikes have one basic frame, with a variety of handlebars, gearing and accessory options.  Each bike is custom-made in their London factory.  Ride one. Fold one. Rent one. And begin to re-imagine your daily routine.


We can now attest that we’ve got the best folding bike selection at 7153 Sprague St in tree-lined East Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Montague bikes on sale, get ’em while they last!

You must’ve heard of mountain bikes. But have you heard of folding mountain bikes? Ride them, then stuff them in the trunk before moving on with your day.  Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve got the Montague Paratrooper, the Montague Paratrooper Pro and the Montague X50 in stock. All folding. All with no rider weight limit. So if you’re losing to pedal hard and shed some weight, stop in to try these while we have them on sale.

Take $85 off the Paratrooper, listed at $850; $95 off the Paratrooper Pro, listed at $995; or $60 off the X50, listed at $630.

Looking for a 20” 1 speed folding bike? 

There’s the Citizen Gotham 1 for $299 that you can mail order, which weighs in at 26 pounds.  Though colorful, if you have any issues with the bike, there’s no local dealer to take it to.

The2012-tn-photo-link-uno-blk-dkgray-web_0n there’s the Tern Link Uno, offered through Tern dealers nationwide, who assemble and test before handing the bike over to you. For any warranty issues, you’d just bring the bike back to your local Tern dealer.  The Uno weighs 25.3 pounds, comes with front and rear fenders, rear coaster brakes and offered for $400.  It offers a firm, secure ride.

Optionally, I’d haboardwalk_S1_unfolded_gross_01ve you consider the Dahon Boardwalk S1, also sold & supported via a dealer network, which weighs 27.6 pounds.  Front and rear fenders, rear rack, rear, rear coaster brakes, front pull brakes & kickstand are standard.  All for $299.

69348Or the Origin8 F1 Select. Also single speed, it’s the lightest at 24 pounds and priced at $359. Rear coaster brakes are standard.

You choose.

Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

You’ve asked for it. You got it! Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

Another variety of folding bikes added to the already eclectic mix here at Philly Electric Wheels.  We began with Dahon, who have made folding bikes for over 30 years.  And gradually added Origin8, a more affordable line. Our desire for locally made  products brought in the Worksman (made in Brooklyn, NY) and Xootr (made in Scranton, PA).  When many tall and large customers began asking for folding bikes, we brought in the Montague full size folding bikes with no rider weight limit. And now, our search for a low step-thru folding bike has led us to the Tern Castro D8, a 24″ wheeled 8 speed folding

Tern offers folding bikes in 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheels. If you’re interested in the Tern Link, the Tern Castro, the Tern Node, or the Tern Joe, you’ll find them here, at PHEW! a bike shop.  Other Tern models available, of course, upon request.

Stop in to try one out!

20% off select BionX conversion kits

We feel the BionX kits offer the best electric bike experience.   To show you, we’ve converted five different bikes in various frame sizes & styles with BionX kits.  

Stop by for a 2 mile guided ride with Afshin to judge for yourself.  Afterward, some people choose to rent one of these converted bikes for the weekend, to try around their own neighborhood or on a commute.

Here’s what one person wrote after testing a number of electric bikes.

“The most important thing is that I want to feel like I’m riding a bike. Those first 3 bikes, even while in lowest assist mode, felt like glorified motorcycles. I couldn’t even find a way to get a workout without the bike forcing me to go way too fast. (The Pedego was the worst; it takes off when you are standing next to the bike if the pedal happens to turn.) Finally I rode a BionX and it was completely different and just what I was looking for! I was actually riding the bike myself (what a concept!), and it just helped me get up hills.” Read in entirety here.

This fall, PHEW! has select BionX kits for 20% off our everyday price.

BionX PL 250 DT M   |   $1,199 on sale for $956
BionX PL 350 DT L   |   $1,699 on sale for $1,359
BionX PL 350 RR L   |   $1,799 on sale for $1439

To top it off, we extend the 20% discount to any product or service we offer when you purchase a BionX kit.  We offer same day conversion service.  For this, we recommend you call us before arriving with your bike!

Introducing Worksman Cycles – Made in USA since 1898

Starting with Dahon & Origin8, we have been adding to our line of folding bikes. Last year, we decided to carry the Xooter line. Xootr is a Pennsylvania manufacturer of scooters and folding bikes. Earlier this year, we brought in Montague‘s line of full size folding bikes, bikes that can be used as mules and can  carry a load upward of 300lbs.

This week, we became an authorized dealer for Worksman Cycles and will soon have their blue 3-speed folding bike at our shop.

Worksman bikes, made in New York City, are best known for their commercial tricycles used to sell ice cream & water ice  – perfect for the upcoming hot season.

The Worksman folding bike, pictured above, comes in 4 configurations: single speed, 2 speed, 3 speed & 7 speed.  Will report back when we actually get to test ride one at PHEW!

FMB Folding Bike Single Speed $309
FMB2CB Folding Bike 2 Speed “Kickback” $369
FMB3CB Folding Bike 3 Speed $369
FMB7CB Folding Bike 7 Speed $529c

Montague folding bikes, now at PHEW!

We’re finally a dealer for Montague folding bikes. Never heard of them?

Montague is known for full-size folding bikes, making them a good addition to our selection of folding bikes: Dahon, known for their quick fold; Xootr, beautifully designed & manufactured locally; & Origin8, well-priced bikes for around-town.

The Montague bikes are rugged. Good to take anyplace.  And have a feature that’s omitted from all their literature: no rider weight limitations. I suppose this might be implied by the term Military Technology seen on their bikes, but we need to say it again.

There’s no limit on the rider’s weight. On any of their bikes.

So those of you that have gone to bike shops wanting to work off some of that weight and been told there’s no bike for you, there’s the Montague line of Pavement & Mountain bikes.  Again, with no rider weight limit. And easy to fold into the trunk.

A selection of Montague models can be found at PHEW!..stop by for a test ride.  They’ve been hard to keep in stock!

We’re now a Dahon Folding Bike Dealer

At PHEW, electric bikes are our specialty, and we want to help people use electric bikes for cleaner, healthier commuting and all-around fun. We aren’t electric-only zealots by any means, though. We recently became a dealer for Dahon, a manufacturer of conventional folding bikes. We chose Dahon because their bikes are simply well-made, easy to use, and fun to ride. They’ve been making folding bikes since the early 1980’s, and it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Dahon makes folding bikes in many different configurations, including urban commuters that fold in seconds to no-compromise folding mountain and touring models. Since we focus on commuting and general urban mobility, we have three models in stock that we feel work best for traveling and storing in the city.

Dahon Mu P8

The Mu is a light aluminum city bike with an eight-speed drivetrain. Some nice features are the nearly flat-proof Schwalbe Marathon tires and the seatpost which conceals an integrated air pump that works just like a standard floor pump.

Dahon Speed D7

The Speed D7 occupies the middle ground in Dahon’s city bike line. It has a steel frame that trades a bit of weight for value and reliability  and is spec’d with a seven-speed drivetrain that offers plenty of versatility for all kinds of terrain. It also comes equipped with full fenders and a rear cargo rack for commuting utility.

Dahon Boardwalk S1

The Boardwalk is the simplest offering from Dahon, with a single speed coaster brake hub that allows for worry-free riding and greatly reduced maintenance. the Boardwalk would be great for trips to, well, the boardwalk, but also would make a great machine for covering short trips to and from the train station or around the neighborhood.

So come down and check out what Dahon has to offer. They ride great, fold really easily, and could be the missing link in your car-free commute or limited-space life.