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Folding Bikes R Us

Think folding bikes just have 20″ wheels? Think again! From the compact 16″ wheeled Brompton’s to the beefy Montague Paratrooper Highline or Tern Joe P27, each sporting 27.5″ wheels, we’ve got ’em all. We’ve even got folding trikes.

Each one folds differently, and is designed for a different use.

Who uses a folding bike? A sampling from just one day… a young mom walking in for a car rack so she could take her 9 year old on the trails. With 2 folding bikes that anyone in the family can hop onto, she didn’t need that car rack.

A commuter who gets on the train, yet has 3 miles to get to work.

A larger man who likes to ride hard on the trails. Or the stylish bride to ride around town. Or the retiree wanting to ride along Pennypack Park with her husband, and, unsure of her balance, who will consider the folding trike.

We love the diversity of customers that walk through our doors, seeking a diversity of folding bikes for their specific needs.

Tern! Tern! Tern!

Last June, after inquiries from our customers, we began selling Tern folding bikes. We began with a selection of models that we thought might sell: the Tern Link with 20″ wheels, the Tern Node & Castro with 24″ wheels, and the Tern Joe with 26″ wheels.

Almost a year later, I realize we haven’t shared much about these bikes. What makes them special, what’s popular, and why.

The Tern Link line remains popular with commuters.  Most are equipped with fenders and rack. Some with dynamo lights. A2012-tn-photo-link-d7i-blk-gray-p1-webll with nicely rigid frame and decent shifting. Most popular? The Tern Link D7i.

The Tern Node & Castro are unique, with their 24″ wheels. They feel almost full size, and fold up very nicely.  When folded, they’re the largest size permitted on Amtrak, and fit in the trunk of most sedans. Last year, we sold many Tern Castro D8s, and may be the only dealer with the Castro D8’s still in stock!

tn-photo-node-d8-blk-blue-p1-web-2The only Node available last year was the  Tern Node D8, equipped with 8 speed derailleur. This year, there’s a choice. In addition to the Tern Node D8, there’s the Tern Node D7i (7 speed internal) and the Tern Node D16 (with 2×8 shifting).  Most popular? Still the Tern Node D8.

The Tern Eclipse, another 24″ wheeled bike, is typically equipped with an tn-photo-eclipse-s11i-2015-web-2Andros stem; making it easier to adjust for personal comfort. And designed to go fast; with the Kojak tires and 11 speed internal hub gearing.  And quite visible with the dynamo hub providing battery-free front & rear lighting.

The Tern Joe line remains an option for those looking for a full size folder to pull out of the trunk.  We’ve found the multitude2012-tn-photo-joe-c21-wht-red-web-2 of gearing not necessary, and the posture not very comfortable for our boomer clients. The Tern Joe C21 remains a steal at $400.

One of the best things we like about being a Tern dealer? The great support we receive from Tern USA, which makes it easy to remain Tern dealers.

Looking for a 20” 1 speed folding bike? 

There’s the Citizen Gotham 1 for $299 that you can mail order, which weighs in at 26 pounds.  Though colorful, if you have any issues with the bike, there’s no local dealer to take it to.

The2012-tn-photo-link-uno-blk-dkgray-web_0n there’s the Tern Link Uno, offered through Tern dealers nationwide, who assemble and test before handing the bike over to you. For any warranty issues, you’d just bring the bike back to your local Tern dealer.  The Uno weighs 25.3 pounds, comes with front and rear fenders, rear coaster brakes and offered for $400.  It offers a firm, secure ride.

Optionally, I’d haboardwalk_S1_unfolded_gross_01ve you consider the Dahon Boardwalk S1, also sold & supported via a dealer network, which weighs 27.6 pounds.  Front and rear fenders, rear rack, rear, rear coaster brakes, front pull brakes & kickstand are standard.  All for $299.

69348Or the Origin8 F1 Select. Also single speed, it’s the lightest at 24 pounds and priced at $359. Rear coaster brakes are standard.

You choose.

Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

You’ve asked for it. You got it! Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

Another variety of folding bikes added to the already eclectic mix here at Philly Electric Wheels.  We began with Dahon, who have made folding bikes for over 30 years.  And gradually added Origin8, a more affordable line. Our desire for locally made  products brought in the Worksman (made in Brooklyn, NY) and Xootr (made in Scranton, PA).  When many tall and large customers began asking for folding bikes, we brought in the Montague full size folding bikes with no rider weight limit. And now, our search for a low step-thru folding bike has led us to the Tern Castro D8, a 24″ wheeled 8 speed folding bike.tn-castro-d8-photo-blk-pink-web-2

Tern offers folding bikes in 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheels. If you’re interested in the Tern Link, the Tern Castro, the Tern Node, or the Tern Joe, you’ll find them here, at PHEW! a bike shop.  Other Tern models available, of course, upon request.

Stop in to try one out!