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Oh, and we’ve got Trek bikes

Since 2010, we’ve sold Trek electric bikes, beginning with the Trek 7200+, the Trek Valencia+ and the Trek FX+ all with BionX motors. Later, the  Trek T80+ was popular.

In recent years, Trek introduced the Trek XM700+ (with Bosch electronics), and the Trek Lift+ and Trek Conduit+ lines (with Shimano STEPS electronics); see our September 2015 post Trek’s back into e-bikes!

This season, we’re still carrying the Trek Lift+ and Trek Conduit+,  plus their new Verve+, also equipped with the Bosch system but at a more affordable price point and SuperCommuter+.


New this year, we also have a lineup of Trek’s bikes: their FX series, the Marlin series, the Verve series, as well as the Trek Roscoe for exploring the nearby Wissahickon.

Stop on by to try these and a range of accessories. Sorry, no apparel yet!

keep Tacony-Palmyra bridge cleared for cyclists

A customer of ours commutes on a Surly Long Haul Trucker equipped with BionX.  Crossing the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge daily, his schedule is disrupted because the bike & pedestrian pathway isn’t being cleared of snow & ice.  See recent story in Inquirer: Weather sends bicyclist to a bridge too far.TPB long cropped

If they can plow lanes for cars in a timely fashion, why not also the bike path? Most of the path is separated from car traffic with a concrete barrier, so we don’t understand their concern about a cyclist slipping into oncoming traffic.

Do you bike over this bridge? Please reach out to the Burlington County Bridge Commission, whose mission is to provide Burlington County’s residents, commuters, and visitors with safe, accessible, and affordable bridges, roads, and facilities.