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Full suspension electric mountain bikes – converted or designed?

Over the years, customers have asked us for full suspension electric mountain bikes. For the 2020 season, we have converted the Giant Stance 2.


An awesome bike to begin with, now with a 1000 watt mid-drive motor and a 48 volt 14 amp battery, this bike will  take you on adventures never imagined!


In addition, Philly Electric Wheels is now an authorized Specialized dealer. This means you’ll soon see the Specialized Turbo line in our shop with a “mission control” interfaces with your smart phone.

The new custom control & diagnostic app, called “infinite tuning” allows you to select just the right amount of assist to last your entire ride without worrying whether you’ll run out of a battery charge.

The Turbo Levo SL is Specialized latest full suspension e-bike. We’re the first place in Greater Philadelphia to showroom this. Come to Philly Electric Wheels at 7153 Sprague St in Philadelphia!

Interfaith climate advocacy group pedals to Washington

image credit: Berea College

This year, PHEW! is sponsoring a ride from Philly to DC, organized by Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light.

PA IPL is an organization consisting of PA members of faith, all responding to climate change in a myriad ways. Some are tangible, such as walking, caulking — and biking! And some are intangible, such as education, prayer and public dialog / advocacy.

On the 4-day ride (May 13 thru May 16), a group of cyclists will do both, connecting with communities and people of faith, lead by low-emissions example, and share PA IPL’s work and mission.  Mt Airy’s own Nathan Martin will lead the Philly to DC ride. You can read Nathan’s rider profile here.

Their trips end with a visit to Pennsylvania offices on Capitol Hill to communicate the message that climate change is a moral and ethical challenge that must be addressed by individuals, communities and congregations, and also our elected leaders, working together in active hope.  Low-carbon transportation is one way to act!

There’s a training ride locally, on Sunday April 29th, beginning at 1:30 from Mishkan Shalom Synagogue’s Lower Parking Lot at 4101 Freeland Ave, Philadelphia, off Shurs Lane in Roxborough.  Join some of the PA IPL riders for a training ride along the Schuylkill River Trail. An introduction to the PA IPL May ride to DC and its riders will start at 1:30pm followed by the training ride.

And on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13th, at 1:00pm, help send off the PA IPL riders on their Philly to Washington DC ride, starting at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, parking lot near the Visitor’s Center. There will be a brief send-off ritual, and many plan to stay for a hike at the Wildlife Refuge.


Oh, and we’ve got Trek bikes

Since 2010, we’ve sold Trek electric bikes, beginning with the Trek 7200+, the Trek Valencia+ and the Trek FX+ all with BionX motors. Later, the  Trek T80+ was popular.

In recent years, Trek introduced the Trek XM700+ (with Bosch electronics), and the Trek Lift+ and Trek Conduit+ lines (with Shimano STEPS electronics); see our September 2015 post Trek’s back into e-bikes!

This season, we’re still carrying the Trek Lift+ and Trek Conduit+,  plus their new Verve+, also equipped with the Bosch system but at a more affordable price point and SuperCommuter+.


New this year, we also have a lineup of Trek’s bikes: their FX series, the Marlin series, the Verve series, as well as the Trek Roscoe for exploring the nearby Wissahickon.

Stop on by to try these and a range of accessories. Sorry, no apparel yet!

Thanksgiving weekend

We’re closed today, Thanksgiving Day, to spend time with our families. We’re also in mourning for what’s happening in North Dakota, a focal point for our nation right now, where our nation’s military might is being deployed against our own citizens standing up for their water rights. We all stand cqyseikvyaafpkx-jpg-mediumwith Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their allies, who call themselves water protectors holding firm against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their campaign has supporters across the nation, from interfaith groups, medical groups, educational groups, scientists, and more, many who have traveled to witness and support their efforts, including many friends from the Philadelphia region, who are there right now. Their campaign searchable by #NoDAPL.

We’re also closed tomorrow, typically known as Black Friday, a major shopping day, which we consider Buy Nothing Day. Stay home, or go outside. If you’re into gift giving, begin making your own gifts. But make sure to Buy Nothing.

We’ll re-open on Tuesday, November 29th. See you then!

Bike the Strike!

Looking for a bike to take you through the SEPTA strike and beyond? Checkout these bikes by Philly-based ASI, all discounted 20% to help you bike the strike!

The Fuji Nichibei Collection now ranging from $199 to $223…


The SE Lager or Draft, ranging from $263 to $175…

Or the classic Breezer Downtown EX, now just $360.

Call 215.821.9266, and we can have it here & ready the next day!




Folding Bikes R Us

Think folding bikes just have 20″ wheels? Think again! From the compact 16″ wheeled Brompton’s to the beefy Montague Paratrooper Highline or Tern Joe P27, each sporting 27.5″ wheels, we’ve got ’em all. We’ve even got folding trikes.

Each one folds differently, and is designed for a different use.

Who uses a folding bike? A sampling from just one day… a young mom walking in for a car rack so she could take her 9 year old on the trails. With 2 folding bikes that anyone in the family can hop onto, she didn’t need that car rack.

A commuter who gets on the train, yet has 3 miles to get to work.

A larger man who likes to ride hard on the trails. Or the stylish bride to ride around town. Or the retiree wanting to ride along Pennypack Park with her husband, and, unsure of her balance, who will consider the folding trike.

We love the diversity of customers that walk through our doors, seeking a diversity of folding bikes for their specific needs.

Electra Townie Go 8i

The Electra Townie is known for it’s crank forward design, also known as flat foot technology.  This offers a laid back, comfortable riding position for those of us who just want to have some fun on a bike.

This model, the Electra Townie Go 8i, has 8 speeds plus the renown Bosch e-bike system. It’s also decked out with color-matching fenders, rack, chain guard plus front & rear lighting, a dual kickstand and rear wheel lock.526723_0__17909.1457035721.1280.1280

I hesitantly took this bike out for a test spin. Why hesitant? With balloon tires labeled Fat Frank, and the above-mentioned flat foot design, I expected a a sluggish ride. Boy, was I mistaken!

The 8 speed internal gearing with twist grip shifting allowed me to rapidly shift up or down, the roller drum brakes let me stop on an impulse, and, oh, the Bosch electronics – they made me feel like I was floating up and down the hills of Mt Airy.

Go float on a Townie Go!

Montague Crosstown mini-review

I just rode the Montague Crosstown for the first time, and found it to be a very nice bike. It’s easy to ride, and it changes gears easily.


If my aunt hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known that you can fold this bike and put it in the trunk of a car! I would definitely buy this bike if I actually had money.

Oh, the places you’ll go with a bike & SEPTA

Several years ago, there was a lonely bus rack. Purchased by cycling advocates to encourage people to use SEPTA buses in conjunction with their bikes, most of the time this bus rack stayed in the back of a dark garage.

lone rack
We agreed to store this bus rack, which ended up being pulled out to the sidewalk each morning. New bikes built were displayed here for passersby, providing a constantly changing street-side display.  This worked well for a number of years.  And I noticed this bus rack turning invisible. No one noticed it. Those that walked in commenting on the bike on display outside, right on the bus rack, didn’t even know it was a bus rack.

In conversation, though, we discovered that many people didn’t know quite how to get their bikes on a bus. More than we had realized. So we decided we needed a bus behind the rack to encourage questions and learning.

Then I saw Meg Lemieur post a photo of a garage door with a heart.
garage door with heart

Surprised, we called Meg, who agreed to paint a bus mural for us! And managed to create a very large mural in her very tiny studio.

Even the delivery of mural to our shop in her very tiny car was creative, with use of air mattress and shrink wrap.

mural delivery

The day Meg delivered the mural, our very loyal customer & friend Charles was visiting. And offered to help mount the mural on our outside wall. Follow Charles & Afshin’s installation here.

We soon discovered that this 2-dimensional work of art needed to fit the 3-dimensional world of the bus rack, which involved creating wooden bumpers for the bus. A week or so later, the bus rack finally met it’s bus!

Oh, the places you’ll go with a bike and SEPTA!


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