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Full suspension electric mountain bikes – converted or designed?

Over the years, customers have asked us for full suspension electric mountain bikes. For the 2020 season, we have converted the Giant Stance 2.


An awesome bike to begin with, now with a 1000 watt mid-drive motor and a 48 volt 14 amp battery, this bike will  take you on adventures never imagined!


In addition, Philly Electric Wheels is now an authorized Specialized dealer. This means you’ll soon see the Specialized Turbo line in our shop with a “mission control” interfaces with your smart phone.

The new custom control & diagnostic app, called “infinite tuning” allows you to select just the right amount of assist to last your entire ride without worrying whether you’ll run out of a battery charge.

The Turbo Levo SL is Specialized latest full suspension e-bike. We’re the first place in Greater Philadelphia to showroom this. Come to Philly Electric Wheels at 7153 Sprague St in Philadelphia!

the Bafang mid-drive motors on a PHEW! bikes

We realized we’re installing the Bafang mid-drive motor on quite a few bikes, each quite unique.

bafang + montague parFor quite a while, we’ve showcased the Bafang motor on a demo Montague Paratrooper, a full size folding mountain bike. With a 750W motor and a 53V 16A battery, this one’s a hill climber and has a 65 mile range.

More recently, we decided to install the Bafang motor on a city bike. The Breezer Uptown EX. A fine bike with 8 speeds, an upright posture and fitted witbreezer uptownh fenders and rack. And now with a 750W motor and a 48V 11A battery, it’s a super comfortable bike for touring as well as around town.

When a family from Europe had their Dutch Urban Arrow uncrated at our door, and asked urban arrowabout electrifying it, they chose the same mid-drive motor.  The same hill climber motor morphed into a family SUV to bring along baby & dog on errands.  In our tests, it also held up well with a 300 lb man as cargo!

Most recently, we decided to install a toned down version (only 350w fuji declmotor and a smaller battery) on a Fuji Declaration.  A single speed bike with 5 levels of pedal assist and ample throttle to keep up with traffic, it weighs in under 38 lbs. One of the more affordable, full-size and light-weight electric bikes, I do believe!

20% off select BionX conversion kits

We feel the BionX kits offer the best electric bike experience.   To show you, we’ve converted five different bikes in various frame sizes & styles with BionX kits.  

Stop by for a 2 mile guided ride with Afshin to judge for yourself.  Afterward, some people choose to rent one of these converted bikes for the weekend, to try around their own neighborhood or on a commute.

Here’s what one person wrote after testing a number of electric bikes.

“The most important thing is that I want to feel like I’m riding a bike. Those first 3 bikes, even while in lowest assist mode, felt like glorified motorcycles. I couldn’t even find a way to get a workout without the bike forcing me to go way too fast. (The Pedego was the worst; it takes off when you are standing next to the bike if the pedal happens to turn.) Finally I rode a BionX and it was completely different and just what I was looking for! I was actually riding the bike myself (what a concept!), and it just helped me get up hills.” Read in entirety here.

This fall, PHEW! has select BionX kits for 20% off our everyday price.

BionX PL 250 DT M   |   $1,199 on sale for $956
BionX PL 350 DT L   |   $1,699 on sale for $1,359
BionX PL 350 RR L   |   $1,799 on sale for $1439

To top it off, we extend the 20% discount to any product or service we offer when you purchase a BionX kit.  We offer same day conversion service.  For this, we recommend you call us before arriving with your bike!

Ridekick – a trailer to push your bike along the steep bits

Want an electric-assist bike for the hills you struggle with? But find it hard to part with your current bike?

In minutes, attach the Ridekick trailer to your bike’s rear hub and you’ve got yourself an e-bike with throttle assist.  It’s even got cargo space for 2 tote bags, making it perfect for trips to the grocery store, library, potlucks, even a toolbox for neighborhood repair services – you name it!  The cargo area could conceivably also hold additional batteries to extend the range.

Unhitch the Ridekick trailer and in seconds you’ve got your bike back. The trailer can be used on multiple bikes – making it versatile for households where differently sized adults may need the electric assist on different days.

When riding, the Ridekick doesn’t change the feel of your bike. I felt equally light & nimble on my Globe Daily 2, barely feeling the trailer behind me, until a push on the handlebar throttle engaged the motor – and pushed me along till the terrain leveled out enough to pedal on my own.

Most electric bike conversions involve securing a motor, battery, controller and handlebar controls someplace on an existing bike frame.  Ridekick presents a unique approach in that the first 3 components are inside the trailer, with an easily installed Velcro’d cable from the trailer to the handlebar control.

With the Ridekick, bike maintenance is also simplified since you can unhitch the trailer and take the bike to any bike shop.


•    weight 43 lbs
•    max capacity 75 lbs
•    motor 500 watts
•    max speed 19 mph
•    battery 24v 12ah SLA
•    recharge time 6 hours
•    range on single charge 12-15 miles
•    tires 12-1/2 x 3″
•    tire pressure 20-30psi


Meet the Ridekick Power Trailer  A different approach to converting a bike to an electric-assist bike by placing the battery & controller inside a cargo trailer.  Attaches in minutes to any bike, even easier to detach! There’s room for groceries … Continue reading

E-Bike Conversion Kits

Although we have a wide selection of ready-made electric bikes here at PHEW, there are still customers whose needs aren’t met by factory e-bike models. That’s why we carry electric conversion kits for standard bicycles and tricycles by E-Bike Kit and BionX. These kits come with a hub motor that replaces one of your bike’s wheels, a battery, controller, and all of the necessary wiring.

E-Bike Kit is the more affordable of the two brands, and allows the choice of either a front or rear wheel motor. This is necessary on tricycles with two rear wheels and for bikes that have an internal gear or coaster brake on the rear wheel.  E-Bike Kit offers the choice of an affordable Sealed Lead-Acid battery pack or apremium Lithium-Ion battery for lighter weight, greater range, and longer battery life. These kits are controlled by either a twist or thumb throttle.

BionX is the most advanced electric bike conversion on the market, and with good reason. This kit features a rear-wheel motor with a sensitive torque sensor that measures your power output and applies a proportional level of assistance as you pedal. The effect is smooth, seamless pedaling assistance that feels like a “super-you.” There is also the option for a thumb-operated throttle control if you don’t want to pedal.

BionX also features a great user interface- the handlebar-mounted LCD display allows you to select four levels of pedal assistance on the fly, as well as displaying speed, distance traveled and assistance level. There are also four modes of power generation, where the motor adds resistance and you can actually add power back to the battery as you ride.  BionX includes regenerative braking as well, which switches the generating mode on when the brake is activated.

So if your e-bike needs aren’t met by the production bikes on the market, check out our conversion kits. Both kits that we offer have numerous options for different batteries, power levels, and control type so be sure to inquire. We’ll work with you to pick one that fits your needs and budget.