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pre-spring bike tuneup – now’s the time!

Mid-winter is the best time to have your bicycle tuned up.  Not only do you save money, but come spring, when everyone else decides to dust off their bikes, you’ll be on the saddle, enjoying the weather, not waiting for repairs!

Mid-winter is also a slow time in our shop, which means our mechanics have more time to go over your bike, point-by-point, without being rushed to meet tight deadlines for getting bikes out by the next weekend.


We service all makes & models of bikes, with a dedicated bay for electric bikes and a mechanic with over 30 years experience repairing bikes.

So bring in your bike, savor some hot cocoa with us, and let’s together wait for the ice to thaw out.

Here’s how to get to us.


RiiDE – The Future of Urban Transportation?

Last week, we had the opportunity to meet with Amber & Jeff, the brains behind the Riide e-bike and very successful KickStarter campaign to get this bike into production.


The bike’s design was a pleasant surprise: simple & minimal.  A single speed mixte frame with low maintenance mechanical disc brakes PLUS a 350 watt direct drive motor in the rear hub, a frame-integrated battery & controller, and a twist throttle.  Elegant. And Perfect for the urban commuter.

One interesting feature was the rear drop-outs, designed for easier chain tension adjustment.


I almost wished they sold only the frame, leaving it open for people to experiment with different motors & batteries.  Much like the original IBM PC – a box with chassis open to a myriad of mix-and-match possibilities.

BionX D-series 500 watt kit – now accepting pre-orders

The new D-series high performance e-bike system from BionX gives you all the hill climbing performance you are looking for.  Seamless and smooth power.  Being announced as the D 500 DV conversion system, it will be available summer of 2014.  We’ve been told the motor on this D-Series has a power-to-weight ratio unmatched in the e-bike industry.

For those of you wishing to pre-order this highly anticipated system, PHEW! has made it easy.  Send us an e-mail expressing your interest.  Our team will contact you to make sure this kit can be installed onto your bike.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this amazing video.

checkout Jamis Bikes at PHEW!

Philly Electric Wheels continues to be the largest electric bike shop on the East Coast.  By popular demand, we’ve morphed into PHEW! A Bike Shop and also carry quite a few non-electric bikes, notable by Biria, Breezer, Fuji & Torker.   In 2014, we’re happy to announce that we’re adding Jamis Bikes to our lineup.


Jamis Bikes is based in Northvale NJ, was founded in 1979, and remains a family-owned business to this day.

We’re excitedly waiting for our initial Jamis order of these models:


  • Allegro Elite
  • Commuter 3
  • Commuter 3 Femme
  • Commuter 2
  • Commuter 2 Femme
  • Citizen 2
  • Citizen 2 Femme
  • Hudson Sport
  • Hudson Sport Step-Thru
  • Nemesis 650 Comp
  • Trail X3

Let us know if you’d like to come to our Jamis build party, or if there’s another Jamis model you’ve been dreaming about.

Of note is the Jamis Hudson, equipped with an intelligent brake distribution system by Slidepad, allowing you to engage the front and rear brakes with one hand.  See the Slidepad in action here.   And please come to PHEW! to test ride the Hudson and all of our Jamis Bikes.

New BionX Products for 2014

BionX has introduced a range of new and improved products and accessories for the 2014 model year. These new products will help BionX continue to grow its position as an industry leader in the world of e-bike systems and related accessory products.

1) D-Series:
Following the slogan “slim, sleek and powerful”, the aim was to create a motor suitable for the e-MTB market – the largest growing segment in both the pedelec as well as the overall bicycle market. By increasing the diameter of the motor, while at the same time reducing its width and making the cover non-structural, BionX was able to achieve a 250% increase in power output at steady state, while reducing the motor’s weight. In fact this slim, sleek motor has a power-to-weight ratio that is unmatched in the e-bike industry. This product will be seen in number of bicycle manufactures. (Not avavibale as a kit in US)

2) New Rear Rack:
In cooperation with Racktime® the brand new BionX rear rack was designed specifically for our RR battery, and is available with all new 2014 BionX rear rack systems. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, the new rack is stiffer and more robust, features optimized cable routing, and, for the first time, is compatible with many add-on accessories from Racktime®. Available in both silver and black, the new BionX rear rack will make a stylish and convenient addition to any bicycle.

3) Center Console Mount:
The new BionX center console mount positions the BionX console directly in the center of the rider‘s field of view for optimal visibility. It also allows for greater adjustability of the angle of the console, and frees up space on the handlebars. Available as an accessory for all 2014 BionX systems.

4) Cassette Motor:
Select 2014 BionX motors will come equipped with a new cassette body. This will aid in delivering even smoother and more seamless electric assistance to the rider, along with more precise shifting, all with the proven strain gauge sensoring on the axle of the rear wheel that BionX is known for.

5) Deep Sleep Mode:
All 2014 BionX 48V batteries are now equipped with a “Deep Sleep” function, which acts as a method of energy preservation. Depending on the battery state of charge, as well as inactivity, the battery automatically puts itself into “Deep Sleep” mode – resulting in no energy consumption during stand by. This enables shelf life of at least 18 months for a fully charged battery. To activate the battery from “Deep Sleep” simply connect the battery to the 26V BionX power supply.

For further information on new 2014 BionX products, and the entire 2014 lineup of BionX e-bike systems, please stop by our store

PHEW! Philly Electric Wheels
7153 Spargue Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
215 921 9266 & the Holiday Family Light Ride

At the Philly Bike Expo earlier this month, we met the folks behind Philly Pedals – THE hub of cycling in Philadelphia.  Amongst other things, they’ll be posting cycling related news & events in our region.

For example, the upoming Family Holiday Light Ride on Saturday December 14th from 4:30 till 7:30.  Light up your bike and meet up at Dickenson Square and check out South Philadelphia all lit up for the holidays.


More information:
Event registration:

Hope to see you there!


Year of cargo bikes for personal, family and business

This will be the year for cargo bikes with both the New York Times and the Wall Street covering them in the same week.

The Times article, on July 7th, is In Cargo Delivery, the Three-Wheelers That Could.

The Journal article, 2 days earlier, is Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon, winning over casual and avid cyclists alike with one super-size feature: the ability to haul it all—from the groceries to the family that eats them.

Turns out PHEW! is a dealer for the Yuba, Xtracycle & Trek cargo bikes mentioned in the WSJ article and has demo bikes in our showroom. Also at  PHEW!, you’ll find the Burley Flatbed, the Burley Nomad, the Maya Cycle and Bikes at Work cargo bike trailers which can be outfitted on any bike. Stop by to try one out for cargo hauling needs.

If you want to carry your groceries home,  take your kids to school or move your refrigerator, we have the bike trailer for you.  With option to purchase or rent.

E-Zip Trailz sets the standard for opening price point in electric bicycles

Currie Tech is one of the first companies to bring to market electric bicycles and scooters, now more than 15 years ago.  Currie is also one of the largest suppliers of electric bikes in North America.

At $599, the Currie E-Zip Trailz sets the standard for opening price point in electric-assist bikes.

The TrailZ is getting more people back on a bicycle. It’s easy to use, a sheer pleasure to ride. Powered by Currie’s Electro-Drive® system, the rider gets to choose either power on demand (throttle mode), or pedal assist with throttle override.  It’s the perfect bike for many uses from recreation to transportation. Its powerful Currie Electro-Drive® system has 450 watts of power that provides plenty of torque to level hills and is powered by a sealed lead acid Currie_E_Zip_TrailZ_Black(SLA) battery pack that can easily be removed for charging or swapping. It can travel 15-22 miles with normal pedaling or about 10-15 miles with no pedaling at all at speeds of 15+ mph. You can easily double that range by adding an optional second battery pack for $129.

At PHEW!, we can re-pack your spent batteries to keep your Trailz going.  A great deal to buying new batteries. Also at PHEW!, we can upgrade tires & tubes on the Trailz so you’d never get a flat.  Both models of the Trailz are in stock and waiting for test rides.


Come and test ride Stromer ST1 Elite at our store

What is new with Stromer ST1 (2013 model)

Since early last September there have been rumors about the 2013 Stromer ST1 electric bike. Searching magazines, the internet and our contacts for more about this bike, all we could tell when inquired about this bike was based on our one test ride of a pre-production ST1 at InterBike in Las Vegas. This week, our BMC rep Liam O’Brien brought a demo production unit to our shop, and we’ve more to share.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We believe the ST1 to be a robust product; compared to the 2012 model, the new ST1 has a better pedal-to-motor response. The new frame geometry feels more comfortable; the front carbon fork makes the bike feel more like a regular bike and offers better steering. The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are a big improvement over the Maxxis 26×1.75. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The throttle has been removed completely, makin the instrumentation? CONSOLE much simpler. The LCD digital console has been moved to the right hand side; we can certainly move it if preferred by left-handed folk.

The 11.5Ah battery has 10% more power than the 2012 model’s 10Ah, offering a longer range. A 14Ah battery for a longer range would run $799. Branding on the frame is more elegant.

Stromer ST1 Elite in black or white are in the warehouse. Next shipment will only have Platinum bikes in black, red and white, which are designed to go up to 30mph.  ST1’s are selling like hot cakes.
The Buyers Guide in the April issue of Bicycling magazine wraps up their review with: “Buy it if you’re looking to speed up your commute – and have fun along the way”. Check out their review, then go to your nearest Stromer dealer and ask for a test ride on this irresistible electric bike.

So to all those people who have called us about the ST1, we’ve got the model comparison in a table. We’re again stressing that nothing is quite like riding this bike yourself.


Stromer ST1 Elite under the rain


Simpler lettering on the frame make the bike very attractive


Still raining but we took the bike for test ride, it handles the wet road very well


Drops of rain on the handle bar

Stromer ST1 “Buy it if: you’re looking to speed up your commute – and have fun along the way” says Bicycling- Buyers Guide 2013

You can read about Stromer ST1 in Buyer’s Guide 2013 issue of Bicycle magazine, where  Brad Ford test rides the Stromer ST 1 Platinum. Also, if you go to the last page of this issue you will see Philly Electric Wheels mentioned as a full service electric bike shop dedicated to electric bicycles.

You can subscribe to Bicycling Magazine  or you can stop by our store to see, touch, feel and test ride the Stromer in our showroom.

Stromer ST1

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