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Why Should One Buy an Electric Bicycle from Philly Electric Wheels?

You’ve come to the decision to buy an electric bicycle. Through rigorous research or perhaps a flash of insight, you have decided that an ebike will meet your needs and desires. Great! But what now? How will you make the purchase? How will you purchase your ebike such that you are happy, confident, and satisfied? Well, you can get anything on the internet: one can purchase a whole bike, a conversion kit, or parts directly from China via the internet, one can purchase from a reseller such as Amazon, or one can purchase from companies based in the Fifty States who have an internet storefront. However, internet shopping does not jive well with confidence or satisfaction. One could also purchase an electric bicycle from the odd powersports store or local bike shop that is experimenting with electric bikes. And electric bicycles are available through some department stores as well.

Is that it? Is your only choice buy without a test ride? To buy without any comparison? To buy from someone who doesn’t know what they are selling? Or to buy online…? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a friendly local electric bike shop where you could walk in, meet the owners and employees, test ride the largest selection of ebikes in the tri-state area, and ride away happy with your purchase, confident that you will have all the support you need?

At Philly Electric Wheels, we believe an electric bike purchase should be similar to the purchase of a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle. We believe the customer has a right to touch and feel what they are purchasing, to test ride the vehicle that you are spending hundreds or thousands of hard-earned dollars on. We believe in support, that the customer has a right to meticulous assembly, qualified service, and long term support. We at PHEW! believe in personal relationships, in trust, and in access to professionals who care about you and care about electric bicycles. Try getting that over the internet.

This may sound idealistic, because we are a company of idealists. If this sounds like a sales pitch, that’s because it is, we are trying to get your business. Philly Electric Wheels is trying to sell you an electric bicycle. For so many reasons, we believe electric bicycles are a long-awaited solution to complex problems. In terms of transportation, ebikes have a lower environmental impact (carbon footprint, if you will) and are more energy efficient than any other option- including normal bicycles. Electric bicycles have some of the lowest operating costs over their lifespan of any powered vehicle. Electric bicycles inspire in riders the confidence they need to deal with traffic on crowded streets. Ebikes are darn good fun. The health benefits of regular exercise like cycling are well researched and adding electric assist negates none of them. The psychological benefits of cycling are less researched, however studies are available, and anecdotal evidence of riding versus driving is available. Its about being in the environment rather than being cut off from the environment inside a metal box. These points are arguable and we would love to talk to you about them! Come on down!

Yet another reason to shop our brick and mortar store, our well informed and affable staff would love to talk to you about bicycles, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, and your needs concerning them. In addition to our administrative and part time staff, Philly Electric Wheels employs a full-time electric bicycle mechanic, something no other shop in the area and few shops in the country can claim. And all of our staff is committed to and enthusiastic about electric bicycles and bicycling. We are simply the best trained and most qualified place to purchase an electric bike and the only place to service and support them. We have the largest selection of electric bicycles in PA, NJ, and DE. We have in stock, parts, supplies, accessories, conversion kits, and batteries for all of our models. We have relationships with a diverse set of suppliers which enable us to get whatever you need as quickly and economically as possible. We have ebikes to rent and ebikes to loan you whilst yours is in our shop. We also have a mobile service unit we can use to bring our shop to you, and a bicycle trailer to pickup your stranded machine should an accident occur. PHEW has dedicated service bays for your electric bicycle and is prepared with all the necessary tools for diagnosing and servicing electronic and electromechanical components.

Lest it go unsaid, PHEW is also a stellar bike shop! We pride ourselves on approachability, customer satisfaction, and service. From airing up your tires to custom builds, we at PHEW can meet all of your bike shop needs. We realize that great electric bikes should first and foremost be great bikes and we are committed to selling great bikes. Our staff is experienced and well trained to deal with any and all sorts of bicycles. Our premier mechanic has over 30 years of personal professional experience working on and with bikes in the greater Philadelphia area. We also specialize in folding bikes, cargo bikes, bike trailers, and make and sell exclusive bike panniers.

If you’ve made the decision to purchase an electric bicycle, Philly Electric Wheels is the best place to buy it. We believe that we can serve your needs better than any other physical location or internet storefront. We are committed to our customers and committed to supporting the products we sell. We have bikes in stock and parts in stock- the largest selection of either. We love ebikes and we love happy customers. And we love happy customers on ebikes! PHEW!

Come visit us at Philly Electric Wheels, 7153 Sprague Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119


A Bicycle Trailer for Everyone

Available now at PHEW for those looking to add part-time utility to their bicycle is a new bicycle trailer made by Maya Cycle. The Maya Cycle Bicycle trailer is a single wheel trailer that quickly attaches to the rear axle of any road or mountain bike.

Easily attachable and detachable, the Maya Cycle trailer can be secured to your bike for errands and later detached for simpler riding. The Maya Cycle trailer is a low-slung flatbed design with a rectangular deck for easy loading of boxes, coolers, cases of beer, plastic storage totes, pet carriers, and statuary. Included with every Maya Cycle trailer is a function specific bag made of water-resistant nylon that holds up to 60 liters of stuff and provides a sheltered and secure method of carrying bags of groceries or any other small luggage.Image

The Maya Cycle trailer has some specific design features that we at PHEW appreciate and are not immediately evident. The list includes its single wheel design, its low-slung carrying deck, its built-in double kickstand, and its innovative convertible handles. A single wheel is the minimum a trailer can have (excepting hover-trailers). Other available bicycle trailer designs utilize two or four wheels with advantages in weight carrying capacity and loaded stability. However, these designs are generally heavier, they have a wider footprint than a bike, and have a steeper learning curve associated with navigating turns and narrow passages. A single wheel design like the Maya Cycle tracks directly behind your bicycle wheel with virtually no increase in turning radius and when unloaded, no noticeable handling drawbacks. The low carrying deck of the Maya Cycle trailer keeps the weight of your cargo lower than any other commercially available method. It is lower than other trailers, lower than panniers, and much lower than a milk crate on a bike rack. Over rough terrain, over bumpy roads, and through all sorts of turns, a lower load means less leverage pulling on your bike, predictable handling, and no unnerving downhill handling. The Maya Cycle built-in kickstand is not much to look at, however it’s there when you need it and folds away when you don’t. This kickstand is exceptional in its ability to hold your entire bike upright, which is surprising useful. Finally, the kickstand really shines when the Maya Cycle trailer is detached from the bicycle, because the convertible side handles swing around so that the trailer can be used as a wheelbarrow! Perfect for trucking cargo those last few yards.


The Maya Cycle trailer is strong enough for any load you would want to pull behind your bicycle as it is rated to carry 66lbs. The Maya Cycle trailer is light and small enough to be appropriate for in-town grocery getting, and it is sturdy and versatile enough to be used for bike camping, loaded touring, and general adventures.

The Maya Cycle trailer is in stock and available at PHEW 7153 Sprague Street in Mt. Airy.

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Electric Mountain Bikes at PHEW!

Joy! Spring is coming and we have in stock now at Philly Electric Wheels, (PHEW!) new electric mountain bikes from Spanish manufacturer Beistegui Hermanos. Beistegui Hermanos (BH) is a historic Spanish bicycle manufacturer known for their quality and we are excited to stock their Easy Motion electric bicycles. The high quality and keen design of their Neo 29er and Neo Jumper mountain bikes make these bicycles two of the most capable, best performing, and cleanest looking that we at Philly Electric Wheels (PHEW!) have ever stocked. The strong, light, and stiff alloy frames are confidence-inspiring even at the high speeds electric bicycles experience on the road. The integrated downtube battery is removable, lockable, nearly invisible, and has won design awards at Eurobike. No matter where your road leads, these steeds will take you there.

ImageOn-road, off road, fire roads, singletrack, the Neo 29er can take them all. This 29er is a powerful and fast-rolling machine that is tough enough to handle nearly anything you can throw it at. Designed to roll over rocks and roots and twisty off-road tracks, the Jumper will take potholes, curbs, snow, and city streets with aplomb. If you are looking for an ebike that you can take anywhere, on-road or off-road, come to PHEW and take a ride on the Neo 29er! With the complete bike at 48 pounds, the 350watt geared brushless motor really pushes you forward and the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes stop you with authority under any conditions. Mating human power with the electric drive is a 30 speed Shimano Deore 3×10 for all the gearing range one could desire. Delivering power to the ground through Shimano hubs and Alex alloy rims are excellent Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires.

ImageWant to go even further off the beaten path? Faster, more aggressive, and more capable is the Neo Jumper. This premium full-suspension mountain bike is a unique machine. There are very few full-suspension ebikes available for sale, with most far exceeding the Jumper in cost and the rest paling in a quality comparison. The Neo Jumper is a serious cross-country and off-road mountain bike that is designed to perform. A Rock Shox XC32 front suspension fork and a Suntour Epicon 120 rear shock absorber soak up bumps from jumps or drops and keep the aggressive Schwalbe tires firmly gripping the ground. The Neo Jumper is on of very few electric bikes that can handle anything the wonderful Wissahickon Valley mountain bike trails can throw at it, and more. This ebike can handle furious, adrenaline-filled downhill riding and the pedal assist can power you up the next ascent. Seasoned mountain bike riders will find an entirely new experience in rapid uphill riding that human legs alone could never provide. The 350watt rear hub motor is a modern design with a planetary gear system that allows efficient low speed operation, a top speed of 28mph off-road, very low noise, and no noticeable drag!

Both Easy Motion mountain bikes feature proportional pedal-assist modes that utilize torque sensors to measure the rider effort and twist throttles for precise user control. We at Philly Electric Wheels (PHEW!) really appreciate the combination of intelligent pedal assist and a throttle. Neither input mode is best for all circumstances and so we think that having the choice of either is ideal. The integrated downtube battery is removable for charging and lockable for security. This design keeps the weight of the battery low and centered for the most advantageous distribution of weight. These Easy Motion bikes are wonderful machines with no compromises, and if you are in search of a quality electric mountain bike then they are the bikes for you!