Zero waste at PHEW

Our goal is to put out smaller and smaller bags of trash each week. Here’s what we do to minimize our waste:

Packaging waste

  • Cardboard – Flattened & cut up for curbside recycling
  • Paper – Put out for curbside recycling
  • Bubble wrap – We periodically drop off at our local UPS store in Chestnut Hill for reuse
  • Packing peanuts – Also dropped off at our local UPS store for reuse

Waste from Bike Repairs

  • Tubes – When we fix flat tires, we typically replace the tube for a more reliable ride. Customers that want to patch a tube are welcome to stop by and pick up tubes at no cost from our reuse-a-tube tub.
    Periodically, we participate in Trek’s tube recycling program and the used tubes go to Alchemy Goods in Seattle.
  • Chains – Are sent to Resource Revival in Oregon.

Bike cleaning

  • Use all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions.
  • Use cleaning products that are manufactured with sustainable practices and use recycled material for packaging. We also try to buy in bulk to reduce packaging and shipping (less petroleum consumption and carbon emissions).
  • Use quality equipment to increase longevity, thus reducing manufacturing waste and landfill use. Also, we look for items that are easily recycled.
  • Utilize used products, such as rags, when possible – to reduce manufacturing and landfill use. Soft cotton t-shirts and towels welcome.
  • Launder our rags and wait for a full load before washing. We also use a clothesline to conserve energy.