Sustainable habits at PHEW


  • Keep a home office to reduce the carbon footprint of a commute as well as conserve energy and resources.
  • Use electricity from 100% renewable sources ( and conserve electricity by using more daylight, shutting out lights when not in use.
  • Manage heat/cooling in office by using a programmable thermostast, blinds, ceiling fan and window fan – as well as by dressing appropriately.
  • Buy office products with maximum post-consumer recycled content. These include paper, folders, pens made from recycled plastic and recycled steel paper clips (
  • Recycle our printer cartridges.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for electronics.
  • Use a digital camera to reduce unnecessary printing and toxic processing chemicals.
  • Use mostly second-hand furniture
  • Properly dispose of non-working electronics

Lunch / Kitchen / Company Events

  • Use non-disposable items such as dishes, flatware, glasses, cloth napkins and rags. Wash with eco-safe detergents.
  • Compost food scraps.
  • Use filtered tap water and avoid bottled water.
  • Eat outside whenever comfortable to improve mood and productivity.
  • Eat organic and/or locally-sourced food when possible. If eating non-vegetarian, we try to use local products from animals that are humanely treated and pasture/grass-fed.
  • Eat items from our own veggie garden when in season.

Larger Community/Planet

  • Utilize environmentally responsible practices in our service and operations.
  • Encourage our clients and the public to reduce their carbon footprint by providing brochures and online resources.
  • Give free workshops and talks on how to be more sustainable.
  • Donate services to non-profit fund-raising events.
  • Generally support and encourage sustainable businesses, artists and organizations we believe in like Co-op America, and the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.