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We heart bike commuters – same day service on Thursdays

Love your bike? Ride to work daily? Know it needs that annual tune up but never  have the time to bring your bike into the shop? Or worse, to get to a shop, then have to wait for days before you can ride again?

trblead3We love you! And to support your habit, we’re springing into spring with early drop-off on Thursdays.  You’re wondering… how early? How’s 6am?

Drop off between 6 and 8 in the morning. Do what you do all day. And plan to pick up your bike that same evening, on your way home from work.

Don’t believe us? Call us one Thursday morning to make sure we’re really here…215.821.9266!

Tern! Tern! Tern!

Last June, after inquiries from our customers, we began selling Tern folding bikes. We began with a selection of models that we thought might sell: the Tern Link with 20″ wheels, the Tern Node & Castro with 24″ wheels, and the Tern Joe with 26″ wheels.

Almost a year later, I realize we haven’t shared much about these bikes. What makes them special, what’s popular, and why.

The Tern Link line remains popular with commuters.  Most are equipped with fenders and rack. Some with dynamo lights. A2012-tn-photo-link-d7i-blk-gray-p1-webll with nicely rigid frame and decent shifting. Most popular? The Tern Link D7i.

The Tern Node & Castro are unique, with their 24″ wheels. They feel almost full size, and fold up very nicely.  When folded, they’re the largest size permitted on Amtrak, and fit in the trunk of most sedans. Last year, we sold many Tern Castro D8s, and may be the only dealer with the Castro D8’s still in stock!

tn-photo-node-d8-blk-blue-p1-web-2The only Node available last year was the  Tern Node D8, equipped with 8 speed derailleur. This year, there’s a choice. In addition to the Tern Node D8, there’s the Tern Node D7i (7 speed internal) and the Tern Node D16 (with 2×8 shifting).  Most popular? Still the Tern Node D8.

The Tern Eclipse, another 24″ wheeled bike, is typically equipped with an tn-photo-eclipse-s11i-2015-web-2Andros stem; making it easier to adjust for personal comfort. And designed to go fast; with the Kojak tires and 11 speed internal hub gearing.  And quite visible with the dynamo hub providing battery-free front & rear lighting.

The Tern Joe line remains an option for those looking for a full size folder to pull out of the trunk.  We’ve found the multitude2012-tn-photo-joe-c21-wht-red-web-2 of gearing not necessary, and the posture not very comfortable for our boomer clients. The Tern Joe C21 remains a steal at $400.

One of the best things we like about being a Tern dealer? The great support we receive from Tern USA, which makes it easy to remain Tern dealers.

We love you too…

What we think is a typical day here at PHEW! turns out to be a special day for our customers. Check out this recent Yelp review to see what’s in store for you.

ice-creamIn addition, there’s always a coffee pot brewing and plenty of cold filtered water after test rides. And shhh….ice cream on the warmer days.

All sure to make you feel like a kid again! 

the Felt SPORTe, whatta bike!

When people come into our shop, the Felt LEWBOWSKe fat e-bike is what gets all the attention. After which it’s the Haibike Xduro RX.  The unassuming Felt SPORTe remains on the sidelines, even though we believe it’s an excellently designed bike.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing a shortish female, I’ve chosen the 44cm mixed frame.  Switched the seat with a favorite of mine. Asked for a rack to make the bike more useful on a commute, and found that the folks at Felt have a fender & rack combo designed just for this bike, which also includes front & rear lights.  Yup, the lights are powered by the on-bike battery. The bike weighed 42 lbs. After the rack, fenders & light kit was installed, it was still under 45 lbs.

The controls are the standard Bosch controls. Which means a center console with on/off switch, light switch and info button.  And a left hand control letting you select between the 4 levels of assist and access to the info button, which cycles between displaying the odometer, the trip distance, the clock, the max speed, the average speed, the trip time and… range. All of which you may have seen on a bike computer, except for range. Specific to electric-assist bikes, the range tells you how far you can go on the selected assist level based on how much juice is in the battery. As an example, the trip distance is 19 miles, and at assist level of Eco, I can go 47 miles. More assist, shorter range. Perfect for those of us afflicted with range anxiety. As far as I know, displaying this calculated range is unique to Bosch e-bike systems.

The 10 speed trigger shifting (Shimano Deore XT) is crisp & perfect. Together with the 4 levels of assist offered by the Bosch system, this is a very easy to use and fun bike.  I could go for hours. And will, with an estimated range of almost 70 miles. Spring mornings, and here I go for a pre-work ride….

A jaunt in the snow with our “Big” Lebowske

Yesterday’s snowfall and upcoming warmer temperatures means today might be one of the last chances to ride in the snow with our Felt LEBOWSKe ebike. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeenal took it out for the day’s first ride, and the rest of us anticipated her return so we could take it on our own adventure. The fat tires provided a much more stable ride in the ice and snow, and the Bosch motor assisted us from getting stuck on the uphill, making this bike one of the best choices for the conditions. Come check it out for yourself before the snow’s all gone! …Though we do hear it also plays well in the sand.

Better Mobility @ Phila Mayoral Forum Thu 3/19

It’s almost here, folks. In two weeks, Philadelphia’s mayoral candidates will gather at the Friends Center in Center City, Philadelphia, to discuss those issues near and dear to you and us: Mobility.

The forum, moderated by Philadelphia Magazine Deputy Editor Patrick Kerkstra, will feature specific questions about bicycle use, pedestrians, public transportation, and related issues.

Together, we can make mobility a priority for our next mayor—if the candidates see how serious we are.

And whether or not all the candidates agree to our platform, Better mobility 2015 will tell us where they stand, and whether or not they deserve our vote.

That’s why we need you to RSVP, and come to the Friends Center on March 19 at 6pm. If the candidates see how many of us there are, and how serious we are, we can make a real change in Philadelphia.

When you make your presence known on March 19th, every Philadelphia mayoral candidate will understand that we want safer streets, protected bike lanes, a better street paving schedule, better public transit, and a focused bike share effort.

Come out and help us make it happen.

Shop closed today

It’s supposed to snow all day and we’ve decided to keep the shop closed today, Thursday March 5th, 2015. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Spring’s here

It may not have felt like it this morning when you were chipping away at the ice, but spring is here. Outside our shop, I see ice melt trickling down the street.

Spring’s definitely here.

And we’d like to announce the following:

1. Open again on Mondays. Yup, it’s the end of the 2-day weekends that we enjoyed during January & February.  Now, the only day the shop’s closed is Sunday.

2. Early (real early) drop-off on Thursdays.   To support all you riders, we’re open early on Thursdays. Like from 6 till 8am.  So you can drop off your bike as you head to work.  And pick up on your way home. If running late for the train, text us and we’ll meet you at either Sedgwick or Mt Airy station to take the bike off your hands. 215.821.9266.

3. We have a new team member, Richard. Richard will greet you, write up your repair ticket, make sure you’ve got some coffee or water, and, you’ve been warned, try to sell you a bike!

Stop on by. Spring’s here. We’ve missed you.