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Thrifty Thursdays catching on at PHEW!

Last night was fun.  Six weeks into our social experiment with Thrifty Thursdays (our version of Open Shop Night), word’s gotten out.  One, that we’re open till 8; two, that you learn to use our tools to fix your bike.brake adjustment

An 11 year old boy brought a friend and introduced him to the floor pump.  A teenage boy came with his younger brother to have his brakes adjusted. Was blown away to discover that not only was the brake adjustment free tonight, but he got a lesson in doing this himself. A teenage girl turned up wanting the same, so the lesson was doubly useful.

The younger brother was frustrated with him limping kickstand, till we pulled out a wrench.

adding kickstandThen there was Steve, refining his newly acquired mountain bike with a kickstand.

And Charles, who learnt how to take off the rear wheel on his 29er for when he had a flat. And Kurt.  And Wally, who met new friends Charles and Kurt, and felt more confident securing bikes onto his car rack.

makin' friendsPHEW! a long fun evening, helping 5 children and 5 men.

Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

You’ve asked for it. You got it! Tern folding bikes, now at PHEW!

Another variety of folding bikes added to the already eclectic mix here at Philly Electric Wheels.  We began with Dahon, who have made folding bikes for over 30 years.  And gradually added Origin8, a more affordable line. Our desire for locally made  products brought in the Worksman (made in Brooklyn, NY) and Xootr (made in Scranton, PA).  When many tall and large customers began asking for folding bikes, we brought in the Montague full size folding bikes with no rider weight limit. And now, our search for a low step-thru folding bike has led us to the Tern Castro D8, a 24″ wheeled 8 speed folding

Tern offers folding bikes in 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheels. If you’re interested in the Tern Link, the Tern Castro, the Tern Node, or the Tern Joe, you’ll find them here, at PHEW! a bike shop.  Other Tern models available, of course, upon request.

Stop in to try one out!