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Juiced Riders cargo electric bike is here!

We have a new cargo bike at PHEW!

JR_U500V3_side_right grayvsblack2

The Juiced Riders ODK Utility Bicycle v3 is a 3-speed small wheeled bike with a very low step-thru making it suitable for a range of adults.  With a hefty motor (500 watts), a strong battery (48v 22Ah) and a dual kickstand, it’ll soon become the workhorse you’ll be hopping on to… to cruise with a pet, a child, another adult, haul stuff, you name it…

Look out for us / it in the neighborhood.  Or… Stop by for a test ride.  We’re at 7153 Sprague Street, off East Mt Pleasant Avenue.

Almost ice-free roads

Just pedaled in on mostly ice-free roads.  What joy!

rags on line

And what joy to see just-washed rags on the line, flapping in the light breeze.

We’re getting ready to tune up your bike…  See you at PHEW!

pre-spring bike tuneup – now’s the time!

Mid-winter is the best time to have your bicycle tuned up.  Not only do you save money, but come spring, when everyone else decides to dust off their bikes, you’ll be on the saddle, enjoying the weather, not waiting for repairs!

Mid-winter is also a slow time in our shop, which means our mechanics have more time to go over your bike, point-by-point, without being rushed to meet tight deadlines for getting bikes out by the next weekend.


We service all makes & models of bikes, with a dedicated bay for electric bikes and a mechanic with over 30 years experience repairing bikes.

So bring in your bike, savor some hot cocoa with us, and let’s together wait for the ice to thaw out.

Here’s how to get to us.

keep Tacony-Palmyra bridge cleared for cyclists

A customer of ours commutes on a Surly Long Haul Trucker equipped with BionX.  Crossing the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge daily, his schedule is disrupted because the bike & pedestrian pathway isn’t being cleared of snow & ice.  See recent story in Inquirer: Weather sends bicyclist to a bridge too far.TPB long cropped

If they can plow lanes for cars in a timely fashion, why not also the bike path? Most of the path is separated from car traffic with a concrete barrier, so we don’t understand their concern about a cyclist slipping into oncoming traffic.

Do you bike over this bridge? Please reach out to the Burlington County Bridge Commission, whose mission is to provide Burlington County’s residents, commuters, and visitors with safe, accessible, and affordable bridges, roads, and facilities.

RiiDE – The Future of Urban Transportation?

Last week, we had the opportunity to meet with Amber & Jeff, the brains behind the Riide e-bike and very successful KickStarter campaign to get this bike into production.


The bike’s design was a pleasant surprise: simple & minimal.  A single speed mixte frame with low maintenance mechanical disc brakes PLUS a 350 watt direct drive motor in the rear hub, a frame-integrated battery & controller, and a twist throttle.  Elegant. And Perfect for the urban commuter.

One interesting feature was the rear drop-outs, designed for easier chain tension adjustment.


I almost wished they sold only the frame, leaving it open for people to experiment with different motors & batteries.  Much like the original IBM PC – a box with chassis open to a myriad of mix-and-match possibilities.