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BionX D-series 500 watt kit – now accepting pre-orders

The new D-series high performance e-bike system from BionX gives you all the hill climbing performance you are looking for.  Seamless and smooth power.  Being announced as the D 500 DV conversion system, it will be available summer of 2014.  We’ve been told the motor on this D-Series has a power-to-weight ratio unmatched in the e-bike industry.

For those of you wishing to pre-order this highly anticipated system, PHEW! has made it easy.  Send us an e-mail expressing your interest.  Our team will contact you to make sure this kit can be installed onto your bike.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this amazing video.

checkout Jamis Bikes at PHEW!

Philly Electric Wheels continues to be the largest electric bike shop on the East Coast.  By popular demand, we’ve morphed into PHEW! A Bike Shop and also carry quite a few non-electric bikes, notable by Biria, Breezer, Fuji & Torker.   In 2014, we’re happy to announce that we’re adding Jamis Bikes to our lineup.


Jamis Bikes is based in Northvale NJ, was founded in 1979, and remains a family-owned business to this day.

We’re excitedly waiting for our initial Jamis order of these models:


  • Allegro Elite
  • Commuter 3
  • Commuter 3 Femme
  • Commuter 2
  • Commuter 2 Femme
  • Citizen 2
  • Citizen 2 Femme
  • Hudson Sport
  • Hudson Sport Step-Thru
  • Nemesis 650 Comp
  • Trail X3

Let us know if you’d like to come to our Jamis build party, or if there’s another Jamis model you’ve been dreaming about.

Of note is the Jamis Hudson, equipped with an intelligent brake distribution system by Slidepad, allowing you to engage the front and rear brakes with one hand.  See the Slidepad in action here.   And please come to PHEW! to test ride the Hudson and all of our Jamis Bikes.