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‘Tis the season for Softshell Lobsters…

It’s the last day of January and it is 62 degrees outside. But wait… temperatures are expected to drop again tonight, so my thoughts turn to… gloves. pro_softshell_lobster

A recent shipment of cycling gloves is here, offering winter,all-season and summer gloves, including the Softshell Lobster  from Pearl Zumi, shown here. We  invite you to come try them out by yourself.  Our staff, Zachary and Harvey love the Softshell Lobster, and a pair is being tested by Jenna this week, in -50 degrees in Minnesota.

Stop on by to try some gloves.  If it’s below 32 degrees, we’ll serve you some hot chocolate just for trying on the gloves! Stay warm…

Bikes at Work!

Bicycle trailers increase the outright utility of your bicycle more than any other accessory. Whether you are making a weekly grocery ride to the farmers market, enjoying transporting your child to school, or operating your own delivery business, a bicycle trailer is a safe, effective way to transport cargo via bicycle.

We here at PHEW! believe in bicycles as transportation. Bicycles are a wonderful and advantageous method of getting around. Some of the advantages of bicycling, such as cardiovascular exercise, mental exercise, and exposure to your environment are known to casual and committed riders alike. But carrying stuff, you need a car for that, right? Nope! Our team and our customers at PHEW! believe that bicycles and cargo go together like horses and wagons. Whether on a rack, in a basket, in panniers, on a longtail, in a bakfiet, on a trailer, or balanced on your head, carrying more than just yourself on your bicycle is a gratifying and eye-opening experience. We at PHEW! love to show people just how capable their bikes are.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThough biking with cargo is as old as biking itself, many people are not familiar with the concept, and fewer people are familiar with the reality. This is evident to us whenever we ride our Yuba Mundo to the store, or pickup another bicycle on our Thule-equipped, eight foot long Bikes At Work trailer. We get some stares. There are cargo bike designs to fit nearly any need, from Dutch-style Bakfiets, to American Longtails, to cargo tricycles, but what if you don’t want or need a whole new bike? If you are interested in carrying more than a normal rack or basket can hold, a bicycle trailer can give you that ability, using the bike you already own.

Bicycle trailers enhance your bike’s abilities without the compromises inherent in cargo-specific bicycles. Your bike will weigh approximately the same as always, your bike will still fit in your apartment or garage, your bike will handle predictably and familiarly, and yet you will be able to carry your children, or a week’s worth of groceries when you want to. The beauty of a trailer is in a function-specific design that allows you to carry up to 600lbs when you need to, and retain your light, lithe velo when you need that!

Bikes At Work trailers are appropriate for most applications, with a range of sizes and accessories to meet any need. The small sizes are perfect for grocery runs and small enough to lean out of the way against a wall when not in use. The hitches can be installed on any bike frame, do not interfere with removing the rear wheel, and add approximately one pound of weight to your bicycle.


Bikes At Work is a small company based in Ames, Iowa that began as a pedal-powered cargo delivery service and transitioned into manufacturing and selling heavy-duty cargo trailers. We at PHEW are very familiar with these trailers and we really like them! We have one setup to haul bicycles for shop pickup/delivery, we service a fleet of trailers used by our partner organization The Pedal Co-op, and we assemble and install trailers and hitches for our customers. These trailers are the ultimate in durability and utility. They range in capacity from 300lbs to 600 lbs and with lengths ranging from four feet to ten feet, these trailers are commercial quality and rated for heavy duty use. There are three Philadelphia companies that use Bikes At Work trailers for commercial service; The Pedal Co-op, a general delivery service that uses the trailers to pickup household compost and commercial recycling as well as delivering magazines and tranporting cargo for customers; Philly Compost‘s compost pickup in Kensington;  and Wash Cycle Laundry, a pickup-wash-fold-deliver laundry service and linen rental company. Jen at Philly Compost says… The trailer is working out great. It feels really great to not have to rely on a car or truck to do the compost hauling. Drivers also seem to be pretty tolerant. I’ve gotten a few honks, but for the most part, they are patient and just go around me. I’ve also gotten a lot of questions from pedestrians about the trailer and lots of ‘wow, that’s so cool!’.



These trailers are proven performers and a great choice.

Whatever your level of experience with biking, we hope you understand that bikes can transport more than just one person. Cargo biking is a real option that is continually becoming more popular and more mainstream. PHEW! is your source for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories like Bikes At Work trailers, as well as service, support, and advice. Please come by our Mt Airy, Philadelphia location to talk to us about your needs and to test ride any of our bikes.

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Snow at our new location

So it is winter here in Philadelphia. I recall the first winter when we opened our store in 2009. We had lots of snow, it started in November and we had snow every week. I have to look for those pictures, but here are a few pictures from today’s snow at our Sprague Street location.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a belated Happy New Year to all

With the shop closed for 15 days, we hunkered down and counted our year-end inventory, amazing even ourselves with the variety of components in stock to repair electric bikes.  For the new year, our goal is to be able to fix almost any electric bike within 7 business days.

Found were kits to convert ‘most any bike to an electric-assist bike, from brands such as BionX, E-Bike Kit, Currie & RideKick.  See this review of E-BikeKits, offering a great value and many options for the battery.  To showcase the features on many of these conversion kits, we have converted some bikes for you to take on test rides.  Stop on by…