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bike tour of the South Philly lights – this Friday the 14th

We’re joining up with the Bicycle Coalition & the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia for a tour of holiday lights in South Philly! Should be a goofy group ride… approximately 8-10 mph, 8-12 miles.


Decorate yourself & your bikes brightly and colorfully since the Bicycle Club will be treating the best decorated bike (and its rider) to dinner at La Lupe after the ride.

PHEW! will close the shop by 4:30.  Do join us!

Date: Friday, December 14th
Time: 5:30 pm begin (estimated 7:30 end)
Starting at: Performance Bicycles | 1300 S. Columbus Blvd, Riverview Plaza, Philadelphia PA
Ending at: La Lupe Restaurant | 1201 S. 9th St, Philadelphia PA

Organizers request that you pre-register here.  Note that our shop will close earlier to participate in this ride.

Again, RSVP here:

the 2013 Trek T80+ electric bike

trek_t80Got to try out the Trek T80+, an electric bike designed in Switzerland for Trek.  Still offering 4 levels of pedal-assist with the BionX system, I’m thrilled that it only has 7 speeds.  With electric-assist, and particularly for urban riding, we’ve found that there really isn’t a need for 21, 24 or 27 speeds.  This one change alone will give the T80+ more appeal to the casual rider. Omitting the front derailleur also makes the bike a little lighter.

The console, where you control the electronics, has seen significant improvements.  It has a smaller physical dimension (freeing up more of that precious real estate on the handlebar for drinks cups, phone mounts, lights, tote bags, etc), the speed & trip meter are easily read from an  upright position, with the assist/regenerate settings made compact and tucked nicely to the side.

The front shocks and seat suspension add to the comfort, as do the curved handlebars which means you’re sitting upright during the ride – easier to see traffic and easier on the wrists, shoulders & back.

For a Dutch bike look and a bit more urban appeal, the T80+ sports a chain guard.  A future version, we hope, will include fenders.

With one of the lowest step-thru heights, this bike is a breeze to get on & off  – essential for those of us in non-cycling attire or a little less flexible.  Stop by PHEW! for a test ride…

Internet Shoppers Discover PHEW!

We’ve had several people come to us; people who have shopped for electric bikes on the internet.

online-shoppingThey come to us with stories of a bike arriving damaged in shipment; of weeks spent diagnosing over the phone;  of waiting for and then swapping parts.  When they eventually discover and trek out to Philly Electric Wheels, they are bowled over by the exceptional service; the quick diagnosis; with equivalent or better parts in stock; by a team that values building a relationship over a quick sale.  These people have become our customers and friends, coming from miles away. Some come just to see us for minor tweaks; some include a trip to PHEW! when visiting family in the area.


If you’re in the market for an electric bike, you’re missing out if you haven’t discovered Philly Electric Wheels, now at 7153 Sprague Street in Philadelphia.

PHEW! open till 8pm today

Tuesday Dec 4th, 2012 – We had a wonderfully warm & sunny day yesterday.  Our front door frame is coming along.  Expect the last coat of paint to go on today.

Temps should get to the high 60’s – A perfect day for test rides.

We’ll be setting up an indoor test track for tricycles.

To celebrate all this, we’ll be open till 8pm today.


BH Easy Motion electric bikes

I’ve been following BH E-Motion’s e-bikes for several years.  In the US, BH E-Motion is well known for their fitness equipment.  In Europe they’re also known for their e-bikes, which have 4 types of technology.

  • NEO RDS (Rear Drive System) Technology
  • BOSCH IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) Technology
  • PANASONIC IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) Technology
  • EASY MOTION FDS (Front Drive System) Technology

This past September, while at InterBike (the national bicycle convention), I had the opportunity to test ride all of these systems.

The revolutionary Neo RDS technology uses a 350W motor (1 on the diagram). This was a nice powerful motor in the rear of the bike with the torque sensor (2) located in the rear drop out of the frame. This registers the force exerted by the rider and sends a signal to the controller (4). This action is fast.