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9 days left to test EVELO Aurora at Philly Electric Wheels

An EVELO electric bike arrived at our store on Tuesday, looking like our FedEx team had been test dropping the box!  Though the battery casing was cracked open, we were impressed with how easy it was to assemble the bike.   Taking the opportunity of the cracked case, we ended up taking it apart and examining the inside.  More on that discovery in a bit.

The bike PHEW! received was the EVELO Aurora with a NuVinci N360 hub.  Our initial around-the-block test ride was positive; the pickup impressive.

Later today, I’ll be taking this bike for a longer ride along the hills of Mt Airy.  Look for a report on Friday.

Back to our discovery on the EVELO battery… Opening the battery case for the EVELO Aurora was an easy task since it was nicely secured with 5 screws.  If you already own an EVELO, we do not recommend opening the battery case yourself as it would void your warranty! Inside, we found lithium batteries weighing just 8 pounds. The battery cells looked unharmed.  We were impressed with the packaging of the battery cells.

Rechargeable batteries power all electric bikes, and eventually need replacing, just like the batteries in cell phones.  Often, it’s hard to find replacement batteries.  With the modular packaging of the EVELO batteries, when the time comes, we should have many options for replacement cells. EVELO currently provides an 18 month warranty on their battery packs.

20% off select BionX conversion kits

We feel the BionX kits offer the best electric bike experience.   To show you, we’ve converted five different bikes in various frame sizes & styles with BionX kits.  

Stop by for a 2 mile guided ride with Afshin to judge for yourself.  Afterward, some people choose to rent one of these converted bikes for the weekend, to try around their own neighborhood or on a commute.

Here’s what one person wrote after testing a number of electric bikes.

“The most important thing is that I want to feel like I’m riding a bike. Those first 3 bikes, even while in lowest assist mode, felt like glorified motorcycles. I couldn’t even find a way to get a workout without the bike forcing me to go way too fast. (The Pedego was the worst; it takes off when you are standing next to the bike if the pedal happens to turn.) Finally I rode a BionX and it was completely different and just what I was looking for! I was actually riding the bike myself (what a concept!), and it just helped me get up hills.” Read in entirety here.

This fall, PHEW! has select BionX kits for 20% off our everyday price.

BionX PL 250 DT M   |   $1,199 on sale for $956
BionX PL 350 DT L   |   $1,699 on sale for $1,359
BionX PL 350 RR L   |   $1,799 on sale for $1439

To top it off, we extend the 20% discount to any product or service we offer when you purchase a BionX kit.  We offer same day conversion service.  For this, we recommend you call us before arriving with your bike!

Currie conversion kits are here…

Many electric bikes come in standard frame sizes.  If you’re on the tall or short side, we recommend converting your current bike to an electric bike.  The selection of entry-level conversion kits by Currie Tech are simple to install, with option to install motor on rear or front wheel.  All kits are designed for the battery to be mounted on the rear rack, with an optional second battery. Prices for the kits range from $449 to $1000, and include one battery. More here.

We just received a good selection of these kits, so stop on by with your bike.  If you don’t currently have a bike that works for you, we have new bikes by Fuji and also many used bikes that’d make fine electric bikes.