A visit from the bike industry

Yesterday we were visited by a team of industry specialists from BRAIN – Bicycle Retailer and Industry News – a trade magazine we subscribe to. They wrote a pretty accurate piece about us here. During the course of the interview, we realized quite how different we’ve become from other bike shops. No cycling apparel or hydration paks are to be found in our showroom, just tubes & patch kits to keep the neighborhood bikes rolling, and just enough accessories to remain safe – locks, helmets & lights.

We’ve become the go-to place for quite a diverse group of people – most in street casual clothing – often needing their bikes serviced, sometimes coming just to share milestones in their life. Take Barb, for instance; she came into our shop announcing that she recently sold her car and was planning on getting around by bike. Then there is Keith from Jamaica and Ana from Russia, both helmet-less and in open-toed shoes, enjoying summertime mobility on their “mountain” bikes – great for city potholes. Last month, out-of-state couples visiting family in the area discovered our shop. A test ride with Afshin cinched the deal – PHEW! has happy e-bike riders in Maine and Arkansas.

Hang about our street corner and you’ll certainly see a slice of America come ‘n go! This is urban mobility… redefined.

We thank all our customers for putting their trust in us and coming along for the ride!



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